Strategic Plan and Work Programs


The Strategic Plans of Economics Department, Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya arranged for the year of 2009 until 2013 are used as guideline in arranging Annually Budget Plan and Activity of Economics Department and in developing activities in Economics Department for five year in advance. By using the Strategic Plans as the guideline, it is expected that the Head of Economics Department is able to establish some policies to achieve the goals of the department so that all programs and activities run well in order to achieve the vision and mission of the department mentioned in the Strategic Plans. Since the Strategic Plans is in dynamic environment, it is changeable. The Strategic Plans is changed when both the internal and external conditions of the environment change. The change of the condition of the environment make the content of the Strategic Plans does not match to the environment, therefore the Strategic Plans are hard to be implemented.

Some activities have been conducted by the department for program development by having partnership with some institutions outside the department, such as the Directorate General of tax (Dirjen Pajak), Bank Indonesia, Local Government, and others. Economics Department and the institutions cooperate to conduct researches, teaching, and community services which are beneficial for both the department and the institutions. By conducting some activities with the institutions, Economics Department has opportunities and challenges to optimize the department’s resources so that the resources can be improved.


  • Improving academic quality based on National Academic Quality Standard
  • Developing user needs-based curriculum
  • Improving human resource competence, both academic staffs and supporting staffs
  • Re-tracing human resource competence
  • Supporting in achieving target of doctors and professors in short time
  • Creating conducive academic environment
  • Improving the quality of infrastructure for learning process
  • Improving sustainable Institution Management System
  • Improving the quality of infrastructure for students’ activities
  • Improving good image of the department to society


  • Empowering research institutions and study centers
  • Increasing partnership with research institutions, both academic and non-academic institutions
  • Conducting innovative and productive researches
  • Increasing the numbers of national and international publications as well as the quality of the publications

Community Services

  • Improving “link and match” to  labor market
  • Increasing activities in transferring technology for the sake of community, especially for community near the college

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