Standard Operating Procedure

Jenis SOP Kode Dokumen
SOP Evaluation of Student Study Success UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.022
SOP EPerformance Evaluation of Economics Lecturers in the Learning Process UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.008
SOP Old Student Registration UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.024
SOP Terminal Procedures Manual or Leave 00201 06026
SOP Procedure for Student Resignation Process 00201 06025
SOP Filling in KRS UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.032
SOP Implementation of the Learning Process UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.009
SOP Course Offerings for Every Semester UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.010
SOP Appointment of Subject Lecturers UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.012
SOP Organization of Parallel Classes UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.013
SOP Field Study UN10/F02/12/HK.01.02.a/020
SOP Laboratory Use UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.023
SOP Submission of Supplementary Exams UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.028
SOP Short Semester Organization UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.014
SOP KKN-P UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.016
SOP Procedure on Real-Professional Work UN10F02.12.HK.01.02.a116
SOP Research Methodology Tutorial UN10F02.12.HK.01.02.a107
SOP Procedure and Implementation of Thesis Guidance UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.015
SOP Registration, Implementation, and Completion of Thesis UN10/F02/12/HK.01.02.a/011
SOP Thesis Examination Implementation UN10F02.12.HK.01.02.a111
SOP Thesis supervisor 00202 06006
SOP Replacement of Supervisors 00201 06024
SOP Thesis Proposal Seminar 00201 6029
SOP Examination of Thesis Examination without a Supervising Lecturer 00201 06028
SOP Giving Award to the Best Thesis 00201 06026
SOP Legalized Transcript UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.030
SOP Consultation and Counseling Guidance UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.025
SOP Customer complain UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.031
SOP Research and Community Service UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.005
SOP Research Process and PKM UN10.F02.12.11.HK.01.02a.027
SOP Lecturer Recruitment UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.017
SOP Recruitment of Extraordinary Assistant Staff UN10.F02.12.HK.01.02a.018
SOP S1 Internal Audit UN.10/F02/12/31/HK.01.02.a/04
SOP Submission of Discussing Lecturers 00201 6019