Type of Service to Student


Kind of Service The form of activities, services and results
(1) (2) (3)
1 Guidance and Consultation 1. Guidance for Taking Subjects and Concentration

The department provides academic guardian lecturers for students to consult. An average academic guardian guides 20 students. Through the academic guardian lecturer, students can consult various matters related to academic problems. For example, about the selection of courses and the course flow taken. This mechanism is very effective to help students in choosing courses according to the chosen concentration of lectures. By using the opportunity to dialogue and exchange ideas with the academic guardian lecturers, students are also often helped to be able to complete the lecture in a relatively short time. The quality of this guidance guidance has been very good, this is evidenced by the average student study period of 4.37 years, or the average student is on time in his study.

2.   Tutorial and Assistance

On a regular basis, the study program holds a research methodology tutorial program, this program is intended for seventh semester students, by presenting senior lecturers who are experts in methodology and involving junior lecturers for assistance. the hope is that after students take part in this program they are able to complete their thesis more quickly so that the target of the time course can be fulfilled.

3.   Thesis guidance

Thesis is a critical time for students to study, even this final project is considered difficult and difficult for some students, especially with regard to the topics to be studied and the selection of research methods that are appropriate for the research. Therefore, in order to expedite the process of working on the thesis by the students, the study program provides thesis supervisors with the hope that the supervisor can provide the right input so that the thesis processing process can run more smoothly.

4. Guidance for Students Threatened to Drop Out

In accordance with University regulations, what is meant by DO students are students who at the beginning of the semester index their participation below 2.00 and students with a study period of more than 14 semesters. Before the DO is carried out, the threatened students are warned in advance, and the study program provides guidance or consultation conducted individually or in groups. It is expected that the consultation process can reveal the difficulties and obstacles of students and find solutions immediately together, even if the study program is needed can invite parents / guardians to help with the problem.

5.   Psychological Guidance

For student majors are the main customers, therefore in order to create students with superior competitiveness and noble ethics, each student of Banking Financial Economics is entitled to psychological guidance or counseling under the faculty’s Quality Assurance Unit. To obtain this service students can consult directly at the PJM office every working hour, psychological guidance is not only aimed at students who are problematic but also for students who want to optimize their academic and non-academic abilities.

2 Interest and talent (extracurricular) 1. Economics Department Student Association

Currently Sharia Economics Students are still members of the Department of Economics Student Association (HMJ IE) which is a forum for student activities in expressing their aspirations. The activities held were aimed at students’ academic and non-academic development, as well as examples of activities held regularly by HMJ IE such as scientific seminars both at national and international levels, community social services, arts activities and sports competitions. Evidenced by the existence of HMJ in the department environment can help students achieve achievements in both academic and non-academic fields.

2. Indicator Magazine Publishing Agency

Indicator Magazine is a magazine that is published independently by students and is used as a place for students to hone their skills in delivering ideas and ideas in writing in addition to the magazine Indicators as a means of developing skills in campus journalism and as an aspiration platform. From this institution also born alumni who are journalists.

3. Central Islamic Economic Studies (CIES)

The Central Islamic Economic Studies (CIES) is a discussion forum for students who have similar interests in the field of Sharia Economics, since the first forum of this study has held many Sharia Economic activities both nationally and regionally, besides the achievements of CIES members have been quite encouraging, this was reflected in the awards obtained and trust given to one of the CIES members as the regional coordinator of the Sharia Economic Studies Silaturahmi Forum (FoSSEI).

4. Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (DPM) is an intra-campus institution that plays the role of a senate or a board that oversees student governance in the University of Brawijaya, besides that DPM also functions as a legislative body that composes student legislation.

5. Student Executive Institutions

Student Executive Institution (LEM) FEB UB is formed as an executive branch of student government in the local environment of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya, this institution functions as a means of student activity in the political field and as a bridge of aspirations between students and faculty. The election of the chairman of the LEM FEB UB is carried out in accordance with the political period of five years.

6. Student Activity Unit

The Student Activity Unit (UKM) is formed as a means of developing students’ talents and interests in the field of arts and sports, various kinds of SMEs that can be attended by students including: dance, choir, sports, student regiments, press and others.

3 Soft skills coaching 1. Entrepreneurship training

Entrepreneurship training is a training program designed to develop student entrepreneurial spirit with the hope that after joining this program students can design business plans well so that this program is the initial stage of preparing young entrepreneurs who are strong and reliable.

2. English Language Training (cross culture)

English is the lingua franca or world language, or in other words English is the language of the world, so the aim of the training is to foster mutual understanding between cultures, if students are sent for student exchange

3. Article writing workshop

Article writing workshops are held regularly and are designed to develop the skills and techniques of writing scientific articles by students. It is expected that after participating in the program students are able to better translate their ideas into writing. The workshop has been running very well with the achievement of student achievements in national and international scientific writing.

4. Leadership workshop

Students are future leaders of the nation, besides that students are agents of change, who will be in the forefront guarding the dynamics of change in Indonesia, therefore the spirit of student leadership needs to be fostered early, to do so then the leadership workshop is conducted regularly organized by HMJ FE in collaboration with the study program. The success of this workshop was one of the students majoring in successfully becoming the coordinator of the East Java region of the Islamic Economic Study Gathering Forum (FoSSEI).

5. Faith Guidance and Faithfulness

The spiritual aspect is the most important aspect of life, even occupying the highest position in the success of a person achieving success, because with this spiritual aspect man can be in harmony with nature and himself. Faith and devotion guidance programs are held as a process of spiritual formation of students so that they will become ethical and virtuous human beings.

4 Scholarship Students can get information about scholarships by opening the website, while scholarships that are regularly offered are:

1. Bakti Alumni FEB UB Scholarship

2. General Electric (GE) Foundation

3. Bank Indonesia

4. Djarum Scholarship

5. BFI Finance

6. Etc.

Scholarship is given by setting certain criteria based on academic and / or non-academic achievements where each duration of scholarship award depends on the donor. The implementation of scholarship distribution to students who are academically and / or non-academic.

5 Health


1. Universitas Brawijaya Student Polyclinic

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Student Polyclinic is a health facility that is given to all UB members including UB students. The result of this activity is the existence of health services received by students of the Department of Economics FEB UB.

2. Universitas Brawijaya Hospital

Universitas Brawijaya Hospital is a public hospital owned by the university and is a health facility for the entire academic community of Universitas Brawijaya where the hospital will provide free health services and give discounts to the academic community of Brawijaya University who conduct intensive treatment.