Islamic Economics courses S1 which is the unity plan implementation of educational activities in order to achieve national education goals as outlined in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 20 Years 2003 about Higher Education and the Indonesian Government Regulation No. 60 of 1999 on National Education System. Therefore, the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies Program S1 through the establishment of Islamic Economics, determined to prepare an educated and skilled labor in the field of Islamic Economics is a very needed throughout the development of Islamic economy in the world.

In carrying out the process of learning and teaching, research and community service, courses S1 Islamic Economics plays a role in the preparation of experts trained in the field of Islamic Economics for work in various fields of science, especially the science associated with the development of Islamic Economics based on the VISION and MISSION as the basis for the achievement of results ,

Early proses in establishing Islamic Economic Studies Program at Faculty of Economics and Business came form  lecturers discussions in the faculty who later opened the first Islamic economic specialization in economic science in 2008, which later on December 22, 2014 these courses successfully received accreditation with pradicate A


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