Laboratory and reading room

As an integral part of Economics and Business Faculty of Universitas Brawijaya, Economics Department has a vision to be a qualified institution of education and research committing itself to developing Applied Economics related to community needs. Moreover, missions related to the vision of community service are:

(i) Conducting qualified researches and scientific activities and publishing the results of the researches and scientific activities in order to develop Economics

(ii) Conducting community services from the results of the researches and education and based on community needs.

To achieving the missions, it needs ability to analyzing economy phenomena occurring in society.

Recently Indonesian education shows that alumni tend to not have ability to apply theories they have mastered well in real life because they do not have enough ability to analyze phenomena of social dynamics in society. In fact, the ability in analyzing is a means to relate a concept of theories to social dynamics which always moves. The result of the analysis, furthermore, will have a higher value if it is supported by the ability in visualizing the output of the result of the analysis. Therefore, the ability in communicating has an important role since it can help in transferring information of a conclusion and a recommendation gained from an analysis of a problem stated in research report, thesis, paper, journal, etc.

To develop the ability in analyzing, Economics of Development Program Study established a training and development center integrating Economics, language, and communication, namely Economist Learning Center (ELC). ELC aims at developing any analysis skills and techniques based on related theories analysis and relevant research methods. It is expected that ELC can facilitate the students of Economics Department to train and develop their ability of economy analysis and visualization so that analysis output they obtain will be beneficial for society.


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