Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

A Working Meeting of Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya

An annual academic evaluation with a theme of discussion ”Evaluasi Kesesuaian Kurikulum Sesuai Syarat Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetensi (KBK) untuk Menuju World Class Entrepreneur University (WEU) Serta Rekontruksi dan Sinkronisasi Kurikulum Antar Jenjang Program Studi (S1, S2,dan S3) Jurusan Ilmu Ekonomi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya” (The Evaluation of Curriculum Appropriateness Based on the Requirements of Competence-Based Curriculum to Face World Class Entrepreneur University as well as Curriculum Reconstruction and Synchronization among Program Study Levels (S1, S2, and S3) of Economics Department, Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya) was conducted by Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya on the 17th and the 18th of June 2013 in Hotel Aston Manado. The event opened by the Head of Economics Department that is Dr. Ghozali Maski, S.E., M.S. is a regular activity aiming at evaluating academic activities related to the development and the current condition of Economics Department in particular and Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya in general for the latest one year.

In the evaluation of 2013, Learning Outcome (LO) of Economics Department was discussed firstly. Distance learning program (Program Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh/ PJJ) that would be conducted by Doctoral Program in Economics as a response towards the development of information and technology (IT) in developing e-learning teaching model that is more sophisticated than previous teaching models owned by Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya, furthermore, was discussed in the event.

Moreover, syllabus for one semester consisting of the purposes of teaching and the points of the courses as well as the gained learning methods and the expected competences was informed and socialized in the event. The next discussion was a regular evaluation related to the outline of learning program (Garis Besar Program Pembelajaran/ GBPP) and the unit of learning reference (Satuan Acuan Pembelajaran/ SAP). The other information shared in the event was the preparation for reaccreditations conducted by the national accreditation board of tertiary education (Badan Akreditasi Nasioal Perguruan Tinggi/ BAN PT) of Economics Department and ASEAN University Network (AUN) that is accreditation preparation of universities in South East Asia. (yni/luth)


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